World Humanitarian Solidarity Summit -

1. Afiş Zirve İngilizce


World Humanitarian Solidarity Summit – Possible aims to provide support to mental health professionals and humanitarian workers in disasters, to inspire everyone on human rights, poverty, disasters, racism, peace and social justice to mobilize everyone to create a better world for everyone.

It will emphasize how important the need for collective effort, cooperation and mutual understanding intimes of disaster is for providing human and spiritual support and for a peaceful world.

You will learn from the experiences of humanitarian aid workers who worked in disasters in Türkiye, Africa, Palestine and Pakistan:

  • Working with human values and ethical principles in disasters,
  • Adapting psychosocial studies to the specific disaster,
  • Understanding disadvantaged groups at risk,
  • Developing resistance and endurance resources,
  • Expanding the roles of mental health professionals,
  • You will learn to coordinate and integrate human and psychological

* World Human Relief and Bilgi University approved participation certificate will be provided.