Participant Features

Education language*


Scholarship Quota

Scholarship Conditions

Total Hours

Number of Workshops

Basic Level Certificate Program

Psychologists, Psychological Counselors, Social Workers, NGO Employees and anyone who wants to learn about the psychology of relationship and family dynamics and basic interventions can participate in the basic level program.

Turkish & English*

50 participants

10 participants

 50% student discount will be provided to 10 students in formal education.



Clinical Level Certificate Program

Clinical psychologists (Including students who are in the thesis period), counselingpsychologists(Including students who are in the thesis period), psychiatrists, psychotherapists, psychiatry assistants (at least 2 years), psychiatry nursing graduate graduates

Turkish & English*

35 + 10 (100% Scholarship) + 5 (50% student discount) = 50 people

15 participants

Applications from Active NGO Workers and/or Rural areas have priority.


13 (Workshop)


4 (case consultation)

CL: Clinical Level   BL: Basic Level

*Simultaneous interpretation options will be offered in English-medium courses.

** If there are Basic Level Workshops you want to attend from the clinical level program, add the fee above this amount. In case of registration, each workshop fee is calculated over 1.050 TL.