1)  There will be articles and/or books that each trainer will ask you to read before and/or after the session. We will be sharing these resources with you via Google Drive file. We would like to emphasize and remind you of the importance of reading the materials on time and attending the workshops in order for the knowledge and skills gained throughout the program to deepen and settle.

2)  The Zoom link of the sessions will be sent to our participants via e-mail on each workshop day before the session hours. Please inform us if there is a change in the email addresses you have given us.

3)  Sessions will not be recorded. For this reason, it is important that our participants attend each workshop with full attendance.

4)  During the session, there will be breaks between the trainers and the participants at specified time intervals according to the course flow.

5)  The program team will contact you in advance about whether our educators will share their presentations with the participants and will inform our participants about this issue at the beginning of the session. The decision to share the presentation used during the session is entirely at the discretion of our trainers.

6)  An e-group including the educators and participants will function as a discussion group during the program. Please let us know if there is a change in the email addresses you have given us.

7)  Throughout the program, our sessions will be interactive. For this reason, unless there is an emergency or unusual situation, our participants’ cameras must be turned on during the session. If there is a special situation that prevents you from turning on your camera during the session, please inform the program assistants about this situation via email before the workshop (we kindly ask you not to inform via chatbox during the session).

8)  90% attendance is mandatory for certification. Participants who fall below 90% attendance will not receive a certificate. Attendance will be taken regularly during the sessions. In case of emergencies that you cannot postpone, you are expected to notify the program assistants via email before the session.

9)  Participants who are accepted to our scholarship program are required to fill out the “Voluntary Service Obligation Certificate” in two copies and submit one copy to the authorized person and keep the other copy for themselves. Our Basic Level scholarship participants are expected to provide 48 hours of hourly assistant support in the working areas within the association within one year at the latest after the completion of the program. Our Clinical Level scholarship participants are expected to provide 12 hours of professional therapy services to 8 trauma-exposed clients in our International Trauma Prevention and Rehabilitation Center within one year after completing the program.

10)  The workshops will start at 6.30 pm, so it is important for our participants to attend on time in order to spend the time efficiently.

11)  The most important rule of our workshops is to respect personal rights, ideas and stories, and not to use any discriminatory or hate speech in the sessions and in the correspondence and discussions held via e-mail groups. Sensitivity is expected from each participant in this regard.

12)  During the workshops, if the content triggers your own traumatic experiences, you can exchange messages with the training coordinators, assistants and secretaries at these moments, and you can contact us during or after the training if you wish. Our coordinators, assistants and secretaries will be there to support you throughout the process.

13)  If you have a question, you can always reach us via