To be eligible for the Clinical Level program, you must meet the clinical level application requirements. Clinical psychologists, counseling psychologists, psychiatrists, psychotherapists, psychiatry assistants (at least 2 years), psychiatry nursing graduate graduates, experienced psychologists working in rural Anatolia, psychologists working in the field of civil society can participate in the Clinical Level program.

For detailed information about payment plans, you can send an e-mail to ailecalismalari@worldhumanrelief.org

Yes, our participants must keep their cameras on in order for the training to take place in an interactive way. You must notify the program secretaries of any situation that may prevent you from turning on your camera, by e-mail, on the days and hours before the training starts.

The training will take place via the Zoom application. In order to avoid any disruption, please check whether the Zoom application is installed on your computer or electronic device before the training.

If you are accepted to the program, the Zoom link of the training will be sent to the e-mail addresses you used when applying before each training day. You can join the training via the link in the e-mail sent to you. Zoom links are opened approximately 15 minutes before the lesson time. You must wait in the waiting room until the lesson starts. Participants will be taken inside at the start of the lesson.

We expect participants to attend all workshops and case consultations. offered by the program they are enrolled in. their participation. Participants must fully attend the sessions in order to receive a certificate. Participants who do not attend a maximum of 2 sessions cannot receive a certificate. In a situation that may prevent you from participating, you must send your excuse to us via e-mail before the lesson.

Attendance will be taken over the Zoom application throughout the training. For this reason, it is very important to write your own name and surname when entering the class through the Zoom application.

If our participants who cannot attend the classes have a valid excuse, they have the opportunity to catch up on the lessons they missed by attending the next semester program. However, it is the responsibility of the participants to follow these courses and submit their request for participation.

Zoom recordings of the courses are not taken and are not shared with the participants.

Consecutive translation options will be offered in courses where the medium of instruction is English. In these courses, Turkish and English channel options will be created via Zoom, allowing participants to follow the course in the language they wish. Information on how to participate in translation channels via the Zoom platform will be shared with participants before the training.

No, not every participant has to bring a case to the training. Participants who want to share their cases are expected to fill out a standard case form within the framework of privacy principles. These forms are then shared with our instructors. If our instructors deem it appropriate, the case is discussed in class. If the case is not deemed appropriate, there is no case from the participants, or at the request of the instructor; instructors can handle their own cases.

No, your certificate is not sufficient to become a couple and family therapist. However, within the scope of the courses you attend, you have the opportunity to receive training at international standards and learn approaches that will support your professional practice.