1.Basic Level Certificate Program Quota: 50 participants

40 participants + 10 participants (50% scholarship-student discount)

This level includes basic relationship and family studies training. It is designed to be performed 3 hours a week for 9 weeks. It is a 27-hour training program in total with 9 Basic Level Workshops. Anyone who wants to learn about the psychology of relationship and family dynamics and basic interventions can participate in the basic level program.

2. Clinical Level Certificate Program Quota: 35 participants + 15 scholars

(100% scholarship for 10 participants, 50% scholarship-student discount for 5 participants)

This level covers skills training for specialists who only want to work with relationship and family problems. The Intensive IRFSC Program is a 51-hour program of 17 weeks in total, with 3 Basic module workshops, 10 Clinical level workshops, and 4-week 3-hour free Case Consultation. Clinical psychologists (Including students who are in the thesis period), Counseling Psychologists (Including students who are in the thesis period), psychiatrists, psychiatric nurses and psychotherapists can participate in the Clinical Level program.

3. E-Group: In addition to mentioned training meetings, an e-group including all trainers and participants will function as a discussion/sharing platform during the program.

4. Scholarship Participants: Scholarship applications will be accepted for the clinical level, for the basic level, 10 students who are continuing the formal education will be offered with 50% scholarship.

While determining the participants who will be provided with scholarship opportunities; Priority will be given to applications that work actively in rural areas and within an NGO.

Our scholarship participants are expected to have free family/relationship counseling for 1 year for children, adults and families within WHR or to provide support to the projects that are conducted by WHR.

Students who are actively receiving formal education (provided that they present their student documents to us during registration) will receive a 50% discount on program fees.

5. Certificate: Participants must attend the sessions fully to receive a certificate.






Basic Level

10 Participants: 50% students scholarship

A student discount (50%) will be provided to 10 participants in active formal education.

Scholarship students will be expected to support some projects that are conducted by WHR.

Clinical Level


10 Participants: 100% scholarship


5 participants: 50% students scholarship

100% scholarships will be given to 10 participants that are active in the rural area and within the NGO.


50% scholarship-student discount will be given to 5 participants who are continuing higher level education in Clinical Psychology or Counseling Psychology.

Our scholarship participants (excluding student scholarships) are expected to have free family/relationship counseling for 1 year for children, adults and families within WHR; and support some projects that are conducted by WHR.