Frequently Asked Questions


World Human Solidarity Association (WHR) is a non-profit society established to meet the needs of people in situations of poverty, disease, hunger, war, and disaster with the goal of reducing suffering, improving education and living conditions, and preventing trauma.

The target audience is everyone; families and children suffering from poverty, deprivation, or trauma. We work to prevent violence against communities around the world.

We believe that we have human responsibilities for a livable world.

No matter where in the world, we aim to provide social justice by conducting projects that contribute to humanity and life. Our basic principle is to strengthen the people and the society through the sustainable projects we implement.


There is no upper age limit required to volunteer in projects, but volunteers must be 18 years or older to participate. It is expected that the health status of the volunteers will be good as they will be working in difficult and poor conditions.

In order to volunteer in fieldwork, you must first fill out the form sent to you with the social media project participation call. Team selections are made among the applicant members who will contribute more to the region and its people. When the teams are formed, preparatory training is given according to the cultural texture of the region and the work to be done.

  • Our volunteer team who want to participate in African projects will first need to get the necessary vaccinations from Border and Coast Travel Health centers, depending on the country of destination.
  • Access to clean drinking water is provided in the visited area.
  • You need to consider that you will go out of your safe and comfort zone. You will be physically and mentally challenged. The accommodation place may vary depending on the conditions of the region where the projects will be implemented. It may be necessary to live in tents or similar shelters.
  • It is not necessary to know the local language to participate in the “Anatolian Village Schools/Child Abuse-Marriage Prevention Projects” that we carry out in the Eastern and Southeastern Anatolian regions. We have local translators to support us in our studies.
  • Good command of English is mandatory for overseas projects. Interviews for these projects are conducted in English when necessary.

Yes. If you are outside Istanbul, you can participate in the training via Zoom.

No. All project work begins and ends with the principle of volunteerism.

The duration of WHR domestic and international projects varies according to the conditions of the region where the project will take place. It may be necessary for the project team to stay in the area for between 15 and 45 days.

Volunteers who are eligible to participate in our domestic and international projects are required to cover their own transportation costs to the region.

Accommodation, food, and beverage expenses are covered by WHR.

The project area is determined as a result of meetings with authorized persons and needs assessment

We are progressing on a voluntary work basis in our institution and therefore we do not have an internship option. You can follow the participation announcement for volunteer work on our social media accounts.