World Human Relief (WHR)

With the aim of creating a loving, peaceful and hopeful humanity, with the principle of equality regardless of religion, language, race, gender, class and political opinion, we provide services in many areas with our campaign work, family counseling and psychosocial work, psychological support, rehabilitation work and humanitarian aid.

Strengthening Social Peace and Social Justice

We organize conferences, panels, trainings, seminars, and campaigns to prevent violence and trauma on rights violations, violence and trauma in order to create a society sensitive to violence and trauma.

Preventing Early Age Forced Child Marriages and Child Abuse

In order to prevent all kinds of violence against children and early forced child marriages, we carry out trainings on child neglect and abuse prevention, family counseling and psychosocial studies for sending girls to school throughout Turkey and in rural areas.

Enabling Access to Education and Transforming Children's Lives

We build schools with informatics and library rooms in rural, disadvantaged areas, and provide educational scholarships to families who are economically weak.

Psychological Support and Rehabilitation

With the International Trauma Prevention and Rehabilitation Centers (UTÖMER), shelters and children's homes, we apply short/long-term psychological first aid, psychosocial support and trauma-focused interventions to individuals and communities who have been exposed to violence, and bring them back to life.

Humane aid

During and immediately after mass traumas and natural disasters, we carry out activities that are beneficial and meet the basic needs of the survivors.

Sustainable Development

We develop and implement projects that provide resource generation, sustainable agriculture, water wells, and educational opportunities for countries and communities with disadvantaged conditions.